SportsEngine Registration: Wisconsin Association of Cheer/Pom Coaches

2017 WACPC Membership Form


Welcome to the 2017 WACPC Membership Form Registration!

**If you are new to Sport Ngin, you will need to first create an NGIN account and confirm it via email BEFORE filling out your WACPC membership registration. Once confirmed, please return to this registration page, login with your NGIN account, and select CONTINUE to complete your 2017 Membership Form.

All head coaches, coaches who would like to vote for district reps, and/or coaches who would like to attend conference must have membership completed.

To complete membership online you must pay with credit card at the end of this form.  If you would like to pay by check please email, do not proceed with this form.  At the completion of your WACPC registration, you will be sent an email receipt that details the information you entered.  

Membership Only: If you complete membership by October 1, you will receive the discounted rate which is shown on your email receipt.  If completed after October 1, 2017 the fee will increase to $60 per member.